Almex - Optima bl

Ticket printer, validator, payment terminal
& AVL in a box.


Optima bl

The almex.optima bl can be easily installed in the driver's compartment allowing mobile ticket sales in bus.
The use of Windows 6, the industry standard software, ensures a high degree of flexibility.

The functional and rugged hardware will speed up ticket sales not only as a mobile unit but also when permanently installed in a kiosk system.

The Almex.Optima bl adapts to the current Almex.Office platform


New arrangement of passenger interface: Highly ergonomic, DDA compliant, privacy friendly, specifically designed to accommodate driver assault screens
Driver interface supports capacitive touch or keyboard
Low profile, reducing blind spot in driver sight
High-speed RFID & printer, reducing boarding times
Market leading ITSO performance, support of Calypso, VDV-KA
Integrated WIFI-antenna 802.11a/b/g/n cuts down installation effort
Integrated on-board computer with AVL & ITCS functionality
Unique paper capacity allowing paper as wide as credit card length and reducing down time and paper handling


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Optima bl

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