ALMEX Refurbished Units



Compact design allows integration into modern cabins and outlets
Simple graphical interface, showing banknotes and destinations available
Navigation keys to tour the menus
Predefined keys that let you choose tickets and destinations
Durable, lightweight and impact resistant
Compatible with card readers and contacts almex.smartfare
Ability to adapt to BackOffice system preferred by the operator

The Almex.Optima adapts to the current Almex.Office platform


A90 Cash Fare Machine

Class of passenger and fare paid
Boarding and destination stage name
Date and time of ticket issue
Date and time of ticket validity
Route, Journey, Stage and driver number
Four line advertising message
A90 machine number and Bus identification number


A90 Depot Reader

Configuration for cashier and/or dispatcher operation
Downloads data from Ace Memory Module
Provides comparison slip for cash takings
Prints cash-in receipt
Auto clear of drivers ACE memory once downloaded
Updates new fare table
Real time link to Depot computer
Up to four depot readers per computer
Driver memory module checking security
36 keyboard configurable
54mm Thermal printer
Waterproof keyboard
Operates on 24 volt eliminating power spikes and brown outs
Easily removed from base plate

ACE Memory Module

This is the portable memory unit that stores all the latest fares, routes, zones, depots, drawer identity etc including all cash data. Even emergency ticket data will be held on the ACE.

Lightweight 11.5 x 6.5cm
Made from non corrosive high impact steel
Completely waterproof
Will accept an impact of 2G shock force

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