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Back office software designed and created in South Africa for the smaller bus operator or Taxi solution

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Easy. Fast. Secure.

Almex Transit Cloud is designed for small to medium public transport companies to manage their administrative and operational tasks.

We've designed a piece of software specifically for the South African market in mind, to streamlines the business processes involved in managing a public transportation system.

Our software is designed to handle tasks such as scheduling, dispatching, and managing drivers, vehicles, and routes. It also handles passenger information such as ticketing, payment processing, and data analysis to help companies optimize their operations.


This software is typically used by transportation companies to manage their fleets, track their vehicles and drivers, and schedule their routes. It can also be used to monitor real-time performance and make adjustments to schedules and routes as needed.

The main benefits of using back office software for public transport include increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved data analysis, and better customer service. By automating many of the administrative tasks involved in running a transportation system, companies can streamline their operations and focus on delivering high-quality service to their passengers.



  1. Fleet Management:

    • Real-time tracking

    • Predictive maintenance

    • Route optimization

  2. Ticketing and Fare Collection:

    • Contactless payments

    • Integrated ticketing solutions

    • Fraud prevention

  3. Employee Management:

    • Attendance and payroll

    • Training and development

    • Health and safety

  4. Customer Service:

    • Omni-channel support

    • Feedback collection

    • AI-powered chatbots


Our state-of-the-art AFC system supports a myriad of payment methods including MIFARE cards, EMV (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa), cash, and mobile payments. We aim to accommodate every commuter, regardless of their preferred payment method.

MIFARE Card Payments

MIFARE, a pioneering contactless payment method, provides hassle-free transactions. Just tap your card and you're good to go! It's fast, convenient, and secure, perfect for the modern commuter.

EMV Payment

We're equipped to handle payments from EMV chip cards - a global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and the technology used to authenticate chip-card transactions. Enjoy a high level of security without compromising on speed.

Cash Payment

Though we're steering towards digital, we acknowledge the importance of traditional payments. Whether it's for one-time rides or topping up prepaid cards, we cater to passengers who prefer cash transactions.

Mobile Payments

In this era of smartphones, we ensure you're not left behind. Our system supports various mobile payment platforms, letting you pay for your rides with just a few taps on your mobile device.

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