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The transportation system in South Africa heavily relies on minibus taxis which play a vital role in the country's public transportation network. However, the traditional cash-based fare collection system used by these taxis often faces challenges such as revenue leakage, safety concerns, and lack of transparency. To address these issues, a modern fare collection solution is essential.



 Implementing a fare collection solution tailored to the needs of taxi buses in South Africa can bring numerous benefits for both passengers and operators:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: By reducing and eventually replacing cash transactions with our streamlined electronic payment system, the boarding and disembarking process becomes quicker, resulting in reduced travel time and increased efficiency.

  • Improved Safety: Cash-based fare collection systems pose risks to drivers and passengers, as they become targets for theft and robbery. Our electronic solution minimizes these risks by eliminating the need for cash handling and providing secure transaction processes.


  • Transparency and Accountability: Our Fare collection solution can generate detailed reports and data analytics, allowing operators to monitor revenue, track passenger trends, and optimize route planning. This data-driven approach enhances transparency and enables better decision-making.

  • Increased Revenue: By reducing revenue leakage through improved tracking and reporting, our fare collection solution can significantly enhance revenue for taxi bus operators. This increased revenue can be reinvested to improve services and infrastructure.

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