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Both travelers and operators benefit from the use of advanced fare collection equipment, but an intelligent management system is what makes it a genuinely effective tool. This goes beyond merely ensuring that the fare collection system is in operation and under control.

The system can develop, optimize, and adapt to changing conditions, and fully utilize the capabilities of new technologies thanks to the managing software.

An automated fare collecting system's (AFC) benefit is that it may gather a lot of operational data. But this is insufficient on its own. Effective processing and utilization of this information are required.  Its high flexibility allows all functions to be programmed according to an individual customer's needs.



  • Client and chip card administration

  • Charging cards and associated sale

  • Personalization and printing of cards

  • Administration of tariff and price policies

  • Preparation of entry data for the equipment

  • eShop

  • Transfer of data and monitoring of devices

  • Data processing and reporting

  • Analytical assessment of data

  • Transport inspection



  • Its modular architecture offers the possibility of creating customized applications and facilitates their further development.  

  • Intuitive and user-friendly environment.

  • The possibility of importing data from other systems.

  • More effective analysis of operational data with the aid of data cube technology.

  • Selected functions can be completely automated, significantly easing the work of operators.

  • The possibility of making your own user adjustments, for example designing your own reports with the aid of MS SQL Server Reporting services.

  • Complete administration system of contactless cards, from initial set up of the system according to the customer's demands to issuing of cards, charging and all card operations.


  • Detailed work with all kinds of data down to the level of individual devices, cards or transactions.

  • The openness of the system and use of widespread standards eases work with data (e.g. XML), exchange of data via web services and integration with products from third parties, such as pay terminals, ATMs etc.

  • Support of special functions on request such as subsidies, grants, special discounts etc.

  • Security of the whole system at physical, personnel, administrative and communication levels. FareOn fulfills the requirements of law 101/2000 of the Czech Statute concerning protection of personal data and is in compliance with international security standards.

  • We can take care of a whole range of services instead of you such as preparation and processing of data.

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